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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Let us begin our journey with very simple yet very effective poses!

Sit cross-legged on a soft pillow or a blanket or rolled-up mat, observe your breath, stay here for 5 to 6 minutes, just be with your own self.

Now, let's do a few stretches, to make our joints and spine free.

Moving on to the Asanas

1. Marjarasan / Cat and Cow Pose

Come to your hands and knees, aligning your shoulders over your wrists, and your hips over your knees. On an inhale, arch your spine, moving your heart forward and up; let your gaze follow.

On an exhale, round your spine, pushing the floor away with both hands, gently lifting your navel toward your spine, and letting your gaze follow.

Do it for 20 rounds into 2 sets, both postures put together makes 1 round.

2. Marjarasan Variation / Cat and Cow Pose Variation

Still on all fours, gently lift your navel to your spine to engage your abdominal muscles. Inhale and extend your right arm forward and your left leg straight behind you, keeping the inner left thigh rolling skyward.

Exhale to bring your right elbow and left knee toward each other, rounding your spine and bringing your chin in toward your chest. Inhale and reach your right arm forward and left leg back.

Do it for good 20 rounds on each side into 2 sets, both postures put together make 1 round.

3. Balasana

We are still in our toddler years’

Touch your big toes together, let your knees slide a little farther apart, and ease your hips back over your heels with your arms extended. Give yourself a bit more space here by placing a block or blanket under your forehead. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

2 minutes, 16-20 breaths

4. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Now we are trying to be a grown-up but still using our 4s’

From Child’s Pose, inhale to all fours; as you exhale, curl your toes under to lift back into Downward Dog.

If you are new to this pose, bend both knees deeply and work on keeping your hips lifted while pushing the floor away evenly through both palms. Breathe deeply as you hold for 4–5 breaths.

Do it for 10 breaths, rest again on your 4s’, repeat for 2 sets.

Now we are moving into our adulthood,

5. Uttanasana / Hastpadasan

Step one foot at a time to the top of your mat and separate your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees, hinge forward from your hips, and grasp opposite elbows.

Take 4–5 deep breaths, then exhale and release your arms. If your shoulders are healthy, reach behind your back to interlace your fingers and clasp your palms together. Release the crown of your head down toward the earth as you breathe deeply for 4–5 breaths.

Do it for 10 breaths, rest again on your 4s’, repeat for 2 sets.

5. Tadasana (with Anjali Mudra)

With your feet together or hip-width apart, inhale and reach your arms skyward, externally rotating your upper arms as you stretch tall.

On an exhale, bring your hands to your heart center in Anjali (heart) Mudra, with your palms together. Take a moment to stand here with your eyes closed and shoulders relaxed, breathing deeply for 4–5 breaths or until you feel grounded and centered.

Do it for 10 breaths, rest again standing, repeat for 2 sets.

Let’s start challenging ourselves,

6. Malasana / Garland Pose / Indian squat pose

With your feet slightly more than hip-width apart, squat, keeping your feet firmly planted on your mat or a blanket (if your heels lift).

Snuggle your upper arms against your inner thighs and hug your inner thighs into the backs of your arms, with your hands in Anjali Mudra. Inhale your heart up toward the sky and breathe deeply for 1 minute.

If this posture feels challenging, it helps to externally rotate your thighs. You will notice your feet and knees turn out on a diagonal to give you more space

Do it for 20 breaths, rest in standing posture repeat for 2 sets

7. Utkatasana / Chair pose

From Mountain Pose. With your feet parallel and toes pointing forward, bend your knees deeply, reaching the buttocks back as if you were about to sit.

Draw your shinbones back so your knees hover over your ankles and continue to hold the posture.

Breathe deeply for 30 seconds, then stand to rest in Tadasana. Repeat 1–2 more times.

8. Prasarita Padottanasana / Wide legged forward bend

Turn to face the long-edge side of your mat and step your feet wide, outer edges of your feet parallel with your mat’s short-edge sides.

Bring your hands to your hips. Inhale and lift your chest; as you exhale, hinge from your hips and fold forward, bringing your hands to the floor.

Do it for 10 breaths, then stand to rest in Tadasana, repeat for 2 more times.

End These Postures With Shavasana

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