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Being a mom to Teenage Daughters!!!

At times, I wonder about my own life as a Teenager and compare it with my 2 Teenaged daughters. I have few more years with them to pass through this phase. What I realized is we had our own set of challenges with our Teen Years, and they have their own set of challenges. I could not or rather I chose not to compare.

In the current context, what I observed is Teens are busy, just like the rest of us! Between school, after-school classes, and hobbies, they are looking for ways to save time so that they can log into social media and be with their peers, where they are comfortable, no judgments, no opinions, no criticisms, and the list goes on.

Isn’t it alarming for parents? Yes, it is. All parents across the globe have few common questions –

  • How do we reduce their screen time?

  • How do we make them social?

  • How do we motivate them to be with their mind, body, and soul; not glued to their touchscreens?

A lot of young people have problems with their mental health because they simply don’t know how to cope, rather they are unable to acknowledge, and if we as parents approach them or tell them, they are in a defiant mood. Very frankly, we as parents also have limited ways to handle this appropriately. We do not know or appreciate when to draw a line or make them realize we are their parents and not vice versa.

So, since March 2020, at home, we have religiously followed a pattern, of Health as our priority. Screen time is in moderation, obviously cannot avoid it because let us face it; is the need of the hour can not stay without screen and technology. It's upon us how best we put it to use.

We have imbibed Yoga, Reading, discussion on current affairs, writing blogs as a normal routine in our day-to-day life. Reading, enriches us, writing lets our thoughts out of our mind. Once it's in black ink and on white paper it's out of our walnut in the skull. Does not cause any trouble. And Yoga helped us with powerful ways of dealing with the stress of the current pandemic and keeping our mind and body balanced.

With that thought in my mind being a Yoga Practitioner and Therapist, I thought of launching a Teen Yoga program. I have experienced it personally the entire benefit of it and now it’s the time for me to help those who want it.

Teen Yoga assists the participants in their personal, family, and social lives by teaching them simple techniques to reduce tension and increase calm in all situations. This is transformative as it empowers them to engage more fully in their personal lives, school, and society. In this program, the attention is specifically to meet this age group's needs be it obesity, anxiety, depression, aggressiveness, withdrawal, exam fear, concentration, memory, height, flexibility and et al.

Do write back to us for further information, at

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