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How the Body speaks!

How diseases are born...

-Silence your tears

-Swallow "the bitter pill"

-Shut your mouth!

-Silence your heart

But the body speaks, oh does it speak!

It speaks through the fingers, tapping on the table surface!

It speaks through restless feet in bed!

It speaks through a nasty headache

It speaks through gastritis, reflux, and anxiety

It speaks through a knot on your throat

It speaks through anguish and a wrinkle on the forehead.

It speaks through insomnia or too much sleep.

You might silence your voice, but the inner dialogue begins!

People get ill because they harbor and keep undigested issues in their hearts...

Expression soothes the soul!

Pain isn't meant to be lived forever!

Pain is a comma!

So write a letter, a poem, a book! Sing a song.

Pick up your shoes and tap dance!

Make a joke, create a text, paint a canvas, meet with your friends, even if it has to be virtual...

Jog in the park.

Speak with your therapist, converse with God... Be an Artist!

Talk to yourself, to your puppy, scream to the Heavens,


Because if you swallow everything that you feel, you will end up drowning!


And the body speaks!

-Unknown Author

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