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Immunity Boost

Hello, everyone, Covid 19 existed in 2020, and now it is taking a toll on us in 2021 too. We are here again with you all with a very simple Asan practice that can be followed, by anyone and everyone, to just improve your immunity.

Vaccination is a must, a mask is required, hygiene and sanitization are a prerequisite, the moment you are crossing your main door. But that is not the only thing that can help you protect yourself. Remember good immunity is the pre-requisite for anyone.

Let’s begin with -


  • Stretch your hands up stretch your lower spine and ribcage, 10 / 12/ 16 belly breaths @3 to 5 sets.

  • Stretch your spine upwards, feel the pull at the tail bone and naval region. Your rib cage will also feel the pull.

Triyank Tadasana

  • stretch your hands up bend sideways, bend till you get a stretch on the core muscles, 10 belly breaths @ 3 to 5 sets.

  • Pull your belly in. You must get a stretch near naval point, the side you are bending the opposite side will have its effect.

  • When you bend the left side, the stretch will be on the right side, vice versa.

  • Stretch is near naval point, pull your belly in at the time of exhalation.

Easy Paschimotan at 45 degrees

  • When you sit with legged stretched if you get your head down it has an effect on spine, legs, and hamstrings (conventional Paschimotan asan).

  • But if you keep your head relatively easy at 45 degrees, the effect you will feel in your core muscles, spline, pancreas, liver, small and big intestine, etc. you will feel your digestive working relatively good post 3-4 days of workout.

  • Here in this stretched posture, you will be inhaling and taking your belly out, while exhaling you will take your belly inwards, without moving any other part of your body. This you must repeat for 15 – 20 deep breaths that makes a set and with intermittent interval do 3 – 5 sets.

Sitting Vakrasan

  • Sit with one leg stretched and another leg bend at the knee, hold the bent knee with the opposite hand, and the other hand goes back on the floor, your upper body twists on the same side as your backhand.

  • You will look above the shoulder, hold your knee to your chest, compressing your core muscles against the bend knees thighs.

  • Please note here that you are not taking your entire attention towards your spine, we are working for immunity and hence for our core muscles, so be easy with your own self.

  • When in twisted posture do a good amount of belly breath 5 times, then switch the side, do 5 breaths, this makes a set.

  • You take a rest after a set and repeat the asana again on both sides for 3 - 5 sets.

Kneel down with Uddiyan Bandh

  • Inhale and fill the full-body slowly, lift your abdominal wall, diaphragm, chest with your inhalation, since this you will be doing post sitting vakrasan, it will have a good amount of absorbing capacity, because vakrasan, makes all internal system relatively relaxed for more absorption.

  • Now while exhaling, very slowly release air from your abdomen, then chest, then throat, while doing that pull your navel inwards as if it's going towards your spine, stay exhaled for a good 4 to 8 counts depending upon your capacity. This pulling of your naval is Uddiyan Bandh (UB), and initially, you should do this only 11 times. But remember to begin only with 4 counts at the starting and gradually move to 8 counts max.


  • From kneeling posture, we move easily into parvatasan.

  • In a very comfortable posture, with a relaxed spine and head, get your hand and feet firmly grounded on the floor/mat.

  • In this posture, we need to do good belly breaths.

  • Remember the keywords, for your immunity you need good core muscles and that is achieved with deep belly breaths.

  • Inhale let the belly come out, exhale you let the energy from your core travel upwards.

  • Observe that it does not let you feel choked or heavy on your head, if it is so, just come down on your 4s and sit in Vajrasan for a couple of breaths, let the heaviness release, and then again get into the posture.

  • If you are comfortable holding this posture for good 10 breaths, then rest in vajarasan, again repeat the set for 3 – 5 sets. Please be mindful of your capacity and ability.

Marjarasan and Uddiyan Bandh

  • Now on your 4’s from the previous posture, but with knees together. Here we are going to UB i.e. pulling your navel in towards your lower spine.

  • Is it same as previous posture of kneel down with UB, yes, only difference is of position of knees apart and together.

  • Inhale fully let your belly come out, keep your head parallel to the floor below, there is no movement of your head in marjarasan, exhale fully and pull your navel inwards, let your attention on your naval, hold this contraction for good 3 – 5 counts. Slowly inhale and relax your head and belly.

  • This pull is felt in the whole of your middle body. Always remember to rest between your every bandhas, and you can do approximately 11 such rounds max in 1 set, like that you can do 2 – 3 sets.


  • From Marjarasan move into malasan, Indian squat posture, previous asanas lets you accumulate your toxins into your lower part of your core, in the large intestine.

  • In this posture, you can sit on a yoga foam block, if you don’t have that use a pillow.

  • Here everything that is toxic gets out through your excretory system, and particularly this posture, lets you eliminate even your vat, pit, and cough from your system.

  • Put your hands on the floor in front of you. Do deep belly breaths here.

  • Observe that you don’t put heavy pressure on your knees, should you need to take wall support to get into the posture. If you feel you are comfortable without using a yoga block or pillow, you are good to go.

  • This posture holds it for good 10 – 12 breaths, and repeat 3 times.


  • Lie down on your back, bend your knee, hands on the ground parallel to the body. Now slowly lift your middle body upwards and if possible, your chin will touch your chest.

  • This posture will assist the previous posture for vat, pit, and cough to come out of your system through excretory organs.

  • Hold this posture for good 10 breaths, slowly bring your body down, like that repeat it for 5 times, that make a set and you can do 3 – 5 sets of this Asan.

  • Please be mindful with your knees.

Ardha Pavanmuktasan

  • As the name suggests it's for the vayu in your body to come out. Pavanmuktasan, let the vayu come out through your body.

  • It’s the easiest way to get relieved from your vat in the stomach.

  • Vayu in the body has many disadvantages and hence everyone should get into the posture regularly.

  • Here on your spine, you bend your knee, hold your knee with your hand and take it towards your chest, stay here for good 10 counts, keep your other leg relaxed on the ground, if you have lower back discomfort just bend the other knee slightly. You may or may not lift your head. Maintain your knee pressure on your core muscle.

  • Repeat this 5 times for each leg.


  • Whatever you have done so far has cleaned up your system, starting from your neck muscle to your pelvis floor, your full pranshakti will be light, and whatever toxic material still not come out will come out in this posture.

  • Hold this posture for a good 3 -5 minutes, if not on the floor, then on the bed, use a pillow/towel as support for your knees or shine bone if need be. This posture will help you detoxify the body.

  • This is posture is a very important posture post the entire sequence and do good deep belly breathing.

All above asanas should be followed up with Pranayama, you may go through my next post to get an idea about it.

Precaution : Persons with serious physical / mental health conditions should not attempt practices without professional guidance. Persons with moderate to mild health conditions should learn suitable and simpler variations of yoga techniques. All yoga techniques which involve exercise to the muscles or lungs should be practiced before meals.

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