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My friends are happy that I have evolved after I took a sabbatical from the work. No doubt, I have evolved, at times they also call me - I am crazy that I had let go of my fulfilling working life. But motherhood taught me of just ‘Letting it Go!'

In all honesty, I did regret when I quit - my really happening working life, way back in 2011, and there was a vacuum. Nothing that I was aiming at or closing it, or cracking it, and was wondering – Is This What I am Looking Forward To?

Academically an accomplished Company Secretary, Masters in Law, holding Diploma in Business Finance, I thought I had enough to be a high-profile Woman executive who wished to be a Director at one point in time!

After having a good 15+ years of run in the corporate world of bringing my dreams into reality, I felt that I needed to be with my angels! But by the time, reality touched me, I was getting mentally and emotionally disturbed, not used to such life, since completed graduation. I was feeling lonely, not wanted…

But somehow, got connected with ‘the Yoga Institute, Santacruz and it opened up new windows for me. Days and months passed by and I enjoyed every bit that I was doing in the class. With every passing day, I felt the urge to pass on what I was enjoying and which helped me come out of the dullness, and turbulence and it lead me to become a Trainer myself. Ultimately it materialized, I started getting more and more exposure in different versions from Conventional Yoga from different sources.

For the last couple of years, I was working as a freelancer, going from client to client, but realized that what I was looking for was the same old-time favorite of mine - a Corporate World. Luckily I came across Dr. Deepak Patel who had more experience in this field and had similar thinking as mine, sharing the same professional approach, more balanced, having a strong background, and ‘Wellness Programme’ materialized!

In 2019, I got an opportunity – to work for the Corporate World again but not as a Company Secretary, but as a Therapist, believing in my own self, not limiting my knowledge within limited audience and I started my journey of bringing ‘Wellness Programme’, for Corporate World and at individual level 'Sohum Studios' which launched 'Wellness Programme'.

Lived in the industry, day in and day out – I understand the deadline, peer pressure, long work hours, stress, anxiety, and its ripple effects – physically, mentally, and emotionally!

After being a learner, I definitely can say that Yoga not only leaves a positive impact on the body but it also positively transforms our perspective towards life situations!

With that in my mind now, my goal is to bring this awareness and help my clients to incorporate the Yoga Principles in their life for their well-being and cultivate happiness in all situations.

I continue to be part of my little world with only one realization that nothing changed over all these years, except my perspective and every breath that reminds me All is Well, that is keeping me grounded!!

In gratitude, Hetal

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