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Surya Namaskar

Today there was a debate in the School's WhatsApp group, about Kids not handling the COVID 19 scenario very well. Their mental, physical and emotional strength is quite vulnerable.

Yes, as a parent I do agree that this lockdown has caused more anxiety, pressure, emotional turbulence... It's not limited to kids, it's across all age groups and genders.

At the same time, how I have handled my two teenagers, with 100% support from my better half, is worth sharing. If it helps one and all, I will be more than happy.

We insisted on them doing cycling early morning when there is very little movement in our locality, where we know it's safe. Every day to do at least 13 Suryanamaskar for their overall flexibility.

Why we insisted on Suryanamaskar is - any kind of exercise or yoga can help reduce period-related problems and puberty pass through relatively in a much better way, elevate your mood and increase blood circulation.

Surya Namaskar is especially important for teenagers and children nearing puberty as Surya Namaskar is the one exercise that works directly on our glands – thyroid, adrenals, pituitary.

From optimum metabolism, pain-free period to healthy levels of Vitamin D, the practice will ensure that the glands work at their best.

Since I'm a Yoga Therapist and Practitioner too, and both my kids were doing under my guidance I could take them directly to 13 and continued with them in multiples of 13. But those who are just the novice or intending to start I recommend -

# Choose a fixed place at home, preferably a well ventilated one.

# Fix a time to do it daily – Sunrise or sunset are good times or you can even fix your time as pre-breakfast or post-bath, whatever works best.

# Breathe normally and take your time to learn the correct posture. Do not rush.

# One on right, one on left together make one round.

*** Special instructions to follow when your kids have never done Surya Namaskar***

Start with 2 rounds - Then add 1 round to the practice every alternate week - or write back to me for any clarification or guidance.

Children can start the practice of Asana and Surya Namaskar from the age of 7. Five Surya Namaskar every day is a good number. It can be done in the morning or evening.

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