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Tennis and Yoga

Tennis, a good sole sport, however, it requires too much mental strength and dedication. In any sport, its mind and body game, quite synonymous with Yoga.

So, all those who are regular at the ground for any type of sports need to bring in a routine for unwinding themselves.

They need to work on their flexibility, strength, planning, and execution and that comes only with alignment in their mind-body, and breath. That brings me back to my core strength Yoga.

Yoga is great to use as a workout and is also an effective way to recover after a hard match or training session. Performing Yoga poses for tennis players can be an important recovery tool as it aids in stretching tight muscles and encourages tissue resiliency.

For a game like Tennis, what is needed the most is a range of motion, and keeping calm during the game. So, while doing required stretches and exercise for the game, what a player should get into is the mind-body and breathe game with Yoga.

What a player can get out of practicing Yoga –

1. shoulder mobility

2. Feeling strong

3. Eliminate muscle imbalances

4. Range of motion

5. Lengthen muscles

6. Improve balance

7. Concentration

8. Balance state of mind

Poses For Tennis Players

Utitha Parshvakonasan

Focus – Trunk rotators, Gluteal, Hamstring, Adductors, Balance.

Tips – Wide leg base, drive the front knee forward as far as possible, rotate torso as far as is comfortable.

Note – need to bring in variations, move your hand in front of the foot, on the openside.


Focus – Hip Flexors, Lumbar, Pectorals, Latissimus.

Tips – Drive hip forward as far as possible, stretch arm away from the body as far as possible, allow lumbar to extend.

Note – if not with hands down it can be near the lumber supporting your lower back and bend backward.

Virabhadrasana 1

Focus – Hip Flexors, Latissimus, shoulders, Balance.

Tips – Wide leg base, Drive hip forward, stretch up pushing arms away from the body as far as possible.

Note – lengthen your spine with every breath you take.

Prasarit padottanasan

Focus – Hamstrings, Lumbar/thoracic rotation, Pectorals, Shoulder stability.

Tips – Wide leg base, keep back straight, Leg straight, Toes pointing straight ahead, rotate as far as is comfortable.

Skandasan variation

Focus – Oblique’s, Lumbar, Latissimus, Breathing.

Tips – Lengthen and push the arm/leg away from the body as far as possible, maintain good contact with the ground by pushing the foot into the ground, Breath deep and consistently through the pose.

How Will Yoga Help Tennis Players?

Performing these exercises on a regular basis, you will be surprised how you will change your game with mind-body, and breath combination, which is a prerequisite for any sport.

If you would like more specific yoga exercises that can help improve your flexibility, balance, and core strength, we do take private sessions which have over 30 tennis-specific yoga exercises, breathing, and mediation program. We extensively use Props (like form roller, foam blocks, yoga ring/belt, swiss ball, TheraBand, loop band, weights) while doing yoga to improve its overall impact on the mind. We do follow a stricter warm-up and wind-up routine.

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