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Why is savasana so important for individuals?

Savasana is a conscious relaxation technique both at the mental and physical levels. Our mind is incessantly thinking which tires us, mentally. Sleep is relaxation but it may only be physical. After sleeping we may not necessarily become mentally relaxed. Relaxation is very important after every mental or physical strenuous activity.

The silence of Savasana is a silence that comes from the inside – it doesn’t mean there isn’t noise around you, it means your mind isn’t creating the infernal racket of to-do lists, song lyrics, grocery lists, worries, and so on. True silence means you can just be yourself, mind quiet and body still.

According to Maharshi Patanjali, Yoga is not a therapy, it’s a discipline. Discipline is needed even when you are in good health. Yoga Sutra has clearly highlighted that savasana (a dead corpse pose) and meditation must be practiced consistently with complete devotion, perseverance, and regularity. We must stop our thoughts and relax our minds along with the body.

At the end of each of my yoga classes, I invite my participants to tune out the noise from the rest of the world, to pull the energy they’ve scattered to everyone else back to themselves, find a comfortable lying position, and just rest. This sacred time, usually only 8-10 minutes is called Savasana (translated from Sanskrit, “corpse pose”) and it is the most important part of a yoga practice. After a good yoga session, one with strengthening, stretching, breathing, and being fully aware and appreciative of our bodies, our physical body is ready to be still. And once the body is still, the mind gets to enjoy stillness as well.

Savasana activates the parasympathetic nervous system which makes the secretion of hormones thereby heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar become normal. Research has shown that when an individual achieves this relaxation, slow rhythmic alpha activity is recorded from the frontal lobe of the brain. In the process, various chemical changes in the body promote healing by increasing the immune status of the individual. Thus, all the degenerative processes of the body are retarded, and regenerative processes get accelerated.

There are different ways in which savasana is practiced. Physical and mental relaxation achieved by savasana has no equal.

Do join my relaxation session (1:1) to experience the difference.

Who can join –

  1. Anyone and everyone, be student or housewives, be an office goer or businessperson

  2. Those who have too much mental or physical stress

  3. Those who emotionally need to unwind (passing through an emotionally distressed/uphill phase)

Pre-requisite to join

  • No experience or intellectual understanding is required, only the desire to relax and breathe.

  • Early dinner (stay empty stomach for previous 2 hours)

  • Be ready on time, with loose clothing, yoga mat, you may use towel, yoga pillow, normal pillow, eye pillow, eye mask, if required not essential

  • Please be in a room where you have zero disturbance

Cost and Booking

The cost is Rs.500 for a 40 minutes (virtual) session. To book a one to one please email Hetal PLEASE PUT a 1:1 session and your name in the title of the email.

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