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Yoga At Your Office Desk Or Your Study Desk

Office hours aren't getting any easier, and our fitness levels aren't getting any better either. The current pandemic has left us with no alternatives, Work from home, Study from home.

With limited movements, obesity, emotional turbulence, and diabetes on the rise in India, it's time we took matters into our own hands.

And what better place to start than within four walls of our newly created cubicles or study desk, at home? Be it, office goers or students, we are bogged down with extended screen time, troubling ourselves with wrist, neck, shoulder, cervical, back, knee, and leg pains.

Those tiny little workstations we spend most of our waking hours in. Taking a few minutes out for some yoga poses and stretches in the middle of a hectic day will work wonders for stress levels while boosting our all-around fitness.

Here are some Smart stretches you can begin today...

  • Neck, up and down, side to side, circling in both directions.

  • Shoulder, up and down, rotation in both directions.

  • Arms, up and down, circling, elephant trunk stretches, arms open and shut.

  • Wrist, up and down, rotation.

  • Eyes, close and open, palming, rotation of eyeballs, Trataka.

Please be mindful of your existing physical condition, make a note of it and implement the above routine. Remember - Anything in excess is harmful!!!!

Pain is never a good thing, so be sure to gently ease into these movements and work with, not against, the body you have today.

Do something TODAY that your FUTURE SELF will Thank You for!

Please get in touch for any doubts or consultation.

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